ux/ui case study:

Redesigning Mortgage Works' Website for Improved User Experience


Mortgage Works is an Australian mortgage broker company that offers personalised home loan solutions. The Mortgage Works website serves as the primary online presence for the company, providing information about their services, mortgage options, and contact information.

Their website had not been updated in several years and did not meet the needs of the company or its customers and three main pain points were identified: the site’s information architecture was confusing and made it difficult for users to navigate and find necessary information, an outdated design that did not reflect the company’s professional brand identity, and the lack of mobile optimisation that negatively impacted the user experience and could discourage users from engaging with the company.


UX/UI Designer


Figma, WordPress, Elementor
& Adobe Creative.


2022 – Sydney, Australia.

challenge & goals

The main challenge was to redesign the Mortgage Works website in a way that effectively meets the needs of both the users and the business.

The primary objective was to design a website that is easy to use, reliable, and reflects the company’s professional brand identity. Additionally, the website needed to present easy-to-understand information on mortgage options and enable users to take actions such as applying for a mortgage or getting in touch with the company’s representatives.


User-friendly & Easy to navigate

Provides easy-to-understand information on different mortgage options

DIY Mortgage Estimations

Includes interactive tools, such as mortgage calculators, to help users estimate their monthly payments and total costs

Easy Online Application

Simple and targeted form that can be completed in a few steps

Several ways to get help

Provides multiple ways for users to contact a mortgage broker, such as phone, email, forms or click to call buttons

Wireframes / User Flow – Lead Conversion Process

Build credibility

Real and actual pictures of team members to show the human side of the company

Displays real-time customer reviews and testimonials on the website

Includes a page highlighting the company's values and commitment to customer service


New UI / Visual design

Includes a comprehensive design system to ensure consistency and efficiency in the design process

Part of the UI/Design System